Construction Law


Construction disputes present complicated issues regarding contract and property rights. We utilize our experience and understanding of construction law to help our clients navigate these unfamiliar waters. Our clients include contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects and suppliers of materials and labor in both commercial and residential construction projects. We represent property owners and builders in disputes involving new home or commercial construction and well as construction renovation projects. We also represent subcontractors and material men in disputes involving performance and collection.

We represent clients in a wide variety of construction law matters, including:

  • Contract Disputes: Construction contracts can be complicated and never cover every issue that can arise during construction. An experienced attorney can help identify potential issues before they arise and clarify vague and ambiguous contract language. Change orders are inevitable, but proper communication and documentation can avoid disputes.
  • Contract Performance Issues: We represent clients in cases involving delay, defect claims and disputes regarding the scope of work set forth in the construction documents.
  • Professional Liability: We represent contractors and property owners in disputes relating to the defective preparation of drawings and specifications.
  • Prompt Payment Claims: We represent clients in disputes regarding payment for services rendered and materials supplied. These disputes can involve the filing and removal of Mechanics’ Liens.
  • Home Defects: We assist in claims involving builders’ and manufacturers’ warranties and construction defects, including structural leaks, moisture intrusion, mold, damage caused by settling foundations, defective construction and installation.

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