Business Formation

Starting a business is an exciting time, but also one that has its share of potential pitfalls. In the excitement to get up and running, too many entrepreneurs forget to take the basic steps that lead to success. That is one of the reasons why such a high percentage of businesses fail. One of the preliminary steps you need to take is to carefully choose the right business entity and draft documents that accurately describe the structure of your operations.

Canton business formation lawyers Jim Vaughn and Bob Cyperski have helped many entrepreneurs set up new companies and have assisted many experienced business owners in spinning off companies or creating new ones from the ground up. We counsel our clients on what type of entity would work best for them, and then take them through the process, from filing initial paperwork through opening the doors for the first time.

Choosing the Right Business Entity

Ohio law allows companies to take on a variety of forms. Each form carries with it some advantages and disadvantages. Some forms have tax advantages, others shield the owners from personal liability, and one form (the LLC) does both. Jim and Bob will help you understand the differences between partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations and LLCs. Selecting the right entity is a crucial step toward success.

Creating the Company

Once your business form is chosen, we will guide you through the subsequent steps in forming your company, including:

  • Filing foundational documents with the secretary of state
  • Drafting an operating agreement (or partnership agreement)
  • Drafting bylaws
  • Creating employment agreements and a variety of other contracts
  • Locating and then leasing or purchasing commercial real estate

After your business is up and running, Jim Vaughn and Bob Cyperski will continue to be available for all of your business legal needs. These can include anything from putting together a transaction to advice on hiring and firing to protecting your interests in a business dispute.

Creating a Start-Up Business? 

If you would like to speak with Jim or Bob about starting a corporation, partnership or other type of business, please call or send an email. Our office is conveniently located in Canton.

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