Chapter 7

If you are having trouble paying your bills or are threatened with repossession, garnishment or collection options, you have legal options. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you obtain relief from unmanageable debts and harassment from creditors and bill collectors. You can wipe the slate clean and begin your financial life again.

Bob Cyperski has helped hundreds of people in Northeast Ohio reduce and eliminate debts through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Bob takes full advantage of the bankruptcy laws and all available exemptions to reduce his clients’ debts to the greatest degree possible, while enabling them to keep their property.

You do not have to live under a financial cloud. With our help, you can make a fresh financial start. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Obtaining Maximum Debt Relief

As soon as you retain us, creditor harassment can stop. When we file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, repossession, garnishment and collection actions stop. You can start living your real life again, while Bob develops your debt relief plan. Your only responsibility will be to provide us with information about your debts and assets, and attend a brief hearing before the bankruptcy trustee. Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Bob Cyperski and staff will do all the rest, seeking maximum debt relief for you.

Helping You Keep Your Property

Ohio property exemptions can enable you to keep most or all of your property. Certain items, such as retirement accounts and Social Security income, are completely beyond the reach of creditors. In addition, you can exempt up to $3,450 per filer for a vehicle and $11,525 for personal property ($23,050 for married filers). There is even a wild-card exemption that enables you to exempt other property. Bob will develop a debt relief plan that enables you to keep as much of your property as possible. It won’t cost you anything to learn about your debt relief options. Get legal advice from an experienced attorney.

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