Chapter 13


For many people, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers the opportunity to reduce their debts and begin their financial lives again. As with other legal solutions, advice and representation from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can make a significant difference in the ultimate results.

Bob Cyperski has represented clients in bankruptcy proceedings for more than 30 years. As a former bankruptcy trustee himself, Bob has a thorough understanding of the bankruptcy laws, and what can and cannot be achieved through the bankruptcy process. In your case, Bob Cyperski will use his experience and knowledge to help you obtain the best overall debt relief solution for you.

For more information and a consultation, contact Bob Cyperski, Attorney at Law.

Debt Relief Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In a consultation, Bob Cyperski can review your situation and explain your debt relief options. People with a certain level of income are eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Others may qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you receive an automatic stay of your debts for three to five years. The threat of foreclosure stops, as do repossession and collection actions. Bob will then develop an affordable repayment plan designed to give you maximum financial relief, while enabling you to keep as much of your property as possible. At the end of the repayment period your remaining unsecured debts, such as credit card debts and medical bills, are discharged.

Do You Own a Business?

With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may be able to obtain debt relief while keeping your business and your home. Bob has represented many small business owners rebuild the financial solvency of their enterprises through cost-effective Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Call us at 330-492-6659 to discuss your situation with an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney.

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