Business Law

Whether you are an entrepreneur with an idea for a start-up, someone interested in purchasing an existing business, or a business owner doing all you can to ensure your enterprise thrives, an experienced business attorney can help you solve legal disputes and avoid future problems. Northeastern Ohio lawyers Bob Cyperski and Jim Vaughn work with companies of all sizes, providing a wide variety of cost-effective, essential legal services.

Bob and Jim each have decades of experience running businesses and helping other business owners succeed. We are passionate about helping business owners, who in turn help Ohio’s economy by creating jobs. It is in the best interests of our state as a whole to see companies established and grown here, and we proud to help in any way we can.

Offering a Broad Spectrum of Services

From a shared office in Canton, Bob Cyperski and Jim Vaughn provide a variety of legal services for companies large and small, including:

  • Business formation: Corporations, partnerships, LLCs; preparing articles of incorporation, articles of organization; drafting operating agreements and by-laws
  • Contracts: Drafting and negotiation of contracts, policies and procedures; non-compete agreements
  • Business disputes and litigation: Breach of contract; violations of non-compete agreements; misappropriation of trade secrets; environmental issues; insurance coverage disputes
  • Dissolution: The formal conclusion and wrapping-up of the business; addressing contingent liabilities; settling ownership of assets and debts

Our representation is designed to add value to each client’s bottom line. When handling contracts and transactions, we account for as many contingencies as possible in an attempt to avoid litigation in the future. We also recognize that even the best planning cannot eliminate all problems, so we are always prepared to litigate in order to protect a company, its employees, and its future.

If you would like to speak with Bob or Jim about legal services for your business, please call us.

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