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James R. Vaughn and Robert H. Cyperski are lawyers with a mission — to help resolve serious legal problems efficiently, practically and always in our client’s best interest. Jim and Bob recognize that to serve the best interests of their clients they must be both counselor and advocate.  As counselors, they provide practical, sound and candid advice to people and businesses in crisis. As advocates, they are dedicated to protecting and zealously championing their clients’ rights and interests.  

Client centered, knowledgeable in the law and determined to succeed, they work diligently to craft practical solutions for injured people, fired workers, families, small businesses and other clients. You can depend on James R. Vaughn and Robert H. Cyperski to do everything possible to succeed for you.

About James R. Vaughn

James R. Vaughn has provided a variety of  legal services to individuals and businesses throughout Ohio for over 30 years. Jim guides people through the divorce process and resolves related issues involving child custody and property division. In the area of employment law, he represents workers who have been discriminated against or terminated unfairly.  As a union advocate, he has successfully protected the rights of unions and employees. Jim helps accident victims obtain just compensation. He also assists individuals and businesses in civil litigation matters involving contract disputes, negligence, construction and other matters. Jim Vaughn also provides advice and services in the areas of estate law, business law and construction law.

About Robert H. Cyperski

Robert H. Cyperski has been assisting people and businesses with their legal needs for more than 30 years. As a business and bankruptcy attorney of long-standing, Bob has helped many people in Canton and surrounding areas obtain debt relief through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. Bob is also an experienced family law attorney, helping people through divorce, dissolution, legal separation, custody, child support and adoption matters. Attorney Cyperski also conducts an active criminal and civil litigation practice, and advises clients in matters involving estate law, probate, tax and zoning. Robert H. Cyperski is a part-time prosecutor for the City of Massillon and serves as Law Director for the City of East Sparta.

Whether it involves family law, debt relief, a civil dispute, a personal injury, estate planning or other legal matter, Attorneys Bob Cyperski and Jim Vaughn will seek the best possible result for you.

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